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mirrorterror replied to your post “Thoughts on the dichotomy between self-love and self-hate that goes on…”

Who tha lucky lass?

His name is Caleb, and he’s adorable. :)

Just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you.

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Let those words resonate in your mind.

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I really needed to hear this

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Thoughts on the dichotomy between self-love and self-hate that goes on in my head:

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i’m actually pretty cool just give me like 5 tries to get it right


my hopes for season two of orange is the new black:

  • less piper
  • more everyone else

Repeat after me, folks: romantic plotlines don’t ruin female characters.

A female character isn’t weak because she has normal human emotions. She isn’t anti-feminist because she has vulnerabilities. There’s a difference between a female character existing entirely to be in love with the male character and a female character who happens to have a romantic subplot as part of her story.

It isn’t feminist to insist that female characters have to be “badass” unfeeling robots, detached from absolutely anything considered “feminine,” including, apparently, emotions. Sure, we don’t want female characters to be damsels in distress, but swinging in the other direction, to cardboard-cutout-badass-making-quips, isn’t much better. Good female characters appear human. And sorry, romance-haters, but love is a part of that.

— Rhiannon, FeministFiction, “Down With Love” (via tiorickyaoi)

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tbh the only reason anybody is “straight-passing” is because of the common and harmful conception that heterosexuality is the default and that queerness must have extreme and visible markers to be valid

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